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       Chapter VI: Urban Renewal in Dodoma

Physical Condition of Existing Areas in Dodoma


Generally speaking, a distinct differentiation exists between areas to the south and to the north of the railway. Areas to the south are of low density which allows the operation of effective septic tanks. Piped water is available and roads are in relatively good condition.

All other areas of the town are without sanitary sewage collection and are served by unsatisfactory and overloaded septic tanks, due to poor soil conditions and high densities. Storm drainage is provided by open channels, which are difficult to maintain and which present severe flooding and stagnation problems. Water supply is available in the densely built-up areas, but pressure is at times very low.

In addition to these shortcomings relative to housing and municipal services there is a lack of sufficient open spaces and recreation areas. The quantity and quality of other community facilities, particularly related to health and welfare, suggests the need for substantial improvement in the context of the total development programmes for the city.

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