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       Chapter X: Implementation



Implementation of the National Capital Master Plan will involve the concerted efforts of many individuals, government departments, parastatal and other public organizations and private businessmen. The Capital Development Authority should provide the functions of strong leadership, coordination, detailed planning and design guidance, and development control. In addition, it should be responsible for the construction of the principal urban framework, such as arterial roads, the busway system, trunk sewerage, drainage and water supply facilities and certain utilities. The actions of all participants must be integrated into a comprehensive programme, to ensure the development of a city which, at all stages of its growth, will be of optimum benefit to its residents, the region and the nation.

The process of implementation has in fact already begun. Several government ministries and organizations are now located in Dodoma, the construction of housing and office buildings is progressing and the detailed planning and design of engineering services has been initiated. This work is based on the Interim Plan and Development Regulations, which were prepared for and adopted by the Capital Development Authority in 1974.

The purpose of this chapter is to outline the principal components of the implementation process of building the National Capital City.

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