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Plan for the New Capital of Tanzania


The preparation of this report would not have been possible without the active advice and assistance of various people and organizations to whom sincere thanks are extended.

Of these, the following deserve special mention.

Mwalimu Julius K. Nyerere, President of the United Republic of Tanzania for his close interest in and stimulating comment upon planning proposals.

The Board of Directors of the Capital Development Authority and particularly the Director-General Mr. C.G. Kahama whose enthusiasm, continuing interest and assistance were a substantial contribution to the planning process.

The ministers, officials, staff and advisers of the numerous ministries which assisted with the preparation of information for the plan.

The Regional and District Development Directors and their staff.

The members of the International Advisory Panel of the United Nations Environment Program under the Chairmanship of Sir John Overall, formerly Commissioner of the National Capital Development Commission in Australia.

The staff of the Capital Development Authority who provided support and assistance at all stages of the work.

The various individuals and organizations who contributed detailed information and special assistance to the plan. These are mentioned in the acknowledgements of the various Technical Supplements to this plan.

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Copyright: Project Planning Associates Limited, Toronto, Canada, directed by Mr. Macklin Hancock and recipient "The Government of Tanzania, Capital Development Authority under the auspices of Mr. George Kahama.".